the future is a schoolyard

and i've already had all the beatings i can take

i don't mind this wheelchair

but i'm scared my heart's the next thing you'll break

it's the last friday before going back to my last year of school

nobody who said they wanted to do something tonight phoned me

so i returned the favour

and sat at home watching an old andy kaufman special

and grinning very very extremely much like he always makes me

then the dark crystal, which i remember being not so boring last time i watched it

but i was six

maybe i've changed

then i layed down and read all of polaroids from the dead

and doug got me thinking about

if today was enough to leave me smiling as i died, if i died right now

'cause today's all any of us really have in the end

and, well, i'm not smiling right now
i don't know if dying would change that or not

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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