we're at the theatre

and the guys says 'i'm ripping tickets'

rips one of our tickets

and then asks me for mine

'i don't have a ticket'


'i didn't buy one'

'why not'

'i thought i'd just go to the movie for free tonight'


'kind of steal a movie or something'

'i can't tell if you're joking or not'

'...(shoulder shrug)'


'there's no one at the counter right now'

'you can get one from the service desk'

'that's pretty far'

so the movie was free

but shitty anyway

we're leaving the theatre

_u__e gets a text message on her phone

'oh my god'


'i think __i_ just got arrested for drunk driving'

'oh no'

'the message says "sos dui by renegades"'

so we find out where the bar is and start driving down

while she frantically phones all his friends

trying to find out if he's in jail or if the car's impounded or what

and finally one of them says

'oh he's right here'

and he says

'yeah i just need a ride home, actually.

i just thought there'd be a better chance of you coming with that message'

and well the asshole got his ride home

he was born underwater - he almost drown before he ever got a chance to breathe

he was born without a father - they paid a man to hold him, give out cigars and then leave

he was born superdeformed

his bones were soft and his nose was warm

you ate his eyeballs like they were meat

you drank his blood like it was sweet

kissed his forehead then bit a chunk out of his cheek

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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