if i was the sun i would love you with all of my heat
and my light, instead i'll do my best with my body's meat
and my soul's might - i'll do my best with my arms' reach and poor
eyesight - i'll do my best with yellow teeth and skin so white.

our love is us drinking tea together in silence, and
our love is us dancing and singing nonsense loudly
wherever we may be, and our love is our shared sadness that
comes from thinking humans deserve better than other humans.

but, we deserve each other and each little bit of love
we can offer up - little bits since we can't give a love
with as many aspects as there are stars in the sky all

at once, but like each cell in our body has genetic
code for our whole being, so each kiss, each kind word, each look,
each smile, each laugh has in it the whole story of our love.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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