and i hope you fall in love

cause i know you got nothing

i know you've got nothing right now

she pulls the sled

walks straight ahead

the kids fall out the sides

as they laugh

i walk for miles in the path

they made back

to where

they started

walking through snow alone

is the only thing that dissipates

all the noise in my mind

allowing a few clear thoughts

about death

about this water that doesn't flow

a bird lands in a leaveless tree

looking down at us all

it would be happier if we were dead

there's a ghost in my heart

that i can feel like a glass shard in my hand

too tiny to see to pick out

she pressed her cheek to mine

so i could feel her coldness

and she could feel my warmth

she showed me the tattoo on her back

she had said she was going to get

a canadian flag

i told her that was stupid

a cliché

and really, not pleasing to the eye either

'well that's what i want so that's what

i'm going to get'

she said

i said, 'sure, that's fine'

now she was showing me a tattoo

of a beach with palm trees and an orange sun

and i'm thinking i shouldn't have said anything

i ask her why she changed her mind

she says well 'cause everyone has a maple leaf tattoo

and it wouldn't really look that good anyway'

when i was about eight

every drawing i did

was always a sunset on a beach with palm trees

just so i could use all the different pencil crayons

to do all the different shades of a sunset

that i dreamt of once, but have never seen

and never could get right on paper

the beach is not my favourite place

the beach is her favourite place

neither of us is anything special

to each other but why live

with less kindness than there can be

i guess

is how it works

walking quickly, living slowly, being love

but i still can't think of anything

that could ever make me smile again

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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