people say i can't believe the price of gas

and i say well i guess that's the dark heart of capitalism

people say i can't believe the price of gas

and i say well i guess they decided people like you can't have their suvs and drive them too

he wears a necklace

asking the saints to protect us

swallowing batteries

eleven bones in a tin pan

i don't know

i'm dumb

tell my mom

there's no place for us to go

so we stay with the 0000000es of air

we were born touching

something went wrong

the egg started dividing

inside the walls of her heart

and let me tell you there

were complications

the oxygen molecules are our gods

the oxygen

where we live

and if someone's wealthy

and well known and

respected in this dark

world, then i am not envious

of their role in the big show

i am wary of anyone successful

in a world so unjust

a place where pleasure

is rewarded to the cruelest

and most ruthless

and you'll say i'm just

making excuses for my own


and i'll say well at least

i have a damn excuse

unlike your broke failed ass

('cause if you bother

speaking to me you're

not rich -

merely middle class)

it's a lack of desire

on my part

i'm rich enough

to eat and drink and fuck

and that's enough

for these bones and this

flesh and this blood

and this mind

so it's fine

i'll be quiet

i'll be kind

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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