it is only another day

without him

i don't cry, but lately

anything beautiful or sad

has me on the verge of tears

'cause no one

who'd feel it like me is here

love is always bigger

than you expect

at least the same size

as all of everything else

there is

put together

sometimes your lover comes to see me

she's trying to teach you to fuck

like her dead husband

trying to fatten you up

so she can feel a weight on top of her

like his weight

(you're trying to gain some muscle

'cause her son hates you

and right now you know he could kick your ass

not that he would, but still)

and you don't mind, because when

the day is over you turn the lights off

and keep your eyes closed most of the time

and it's always someone else's face

in your mind, too

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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