i rest my hands on her bare brown shoulder and say a prayer - it
is morning in her apartment and i praye for my own
soul first while i watch the stars disappear one at a time;
when the sun is all the way up i pray for a slow death.

i bless the soul of the woman sleeping on her belly next
to me - her black cat, maurice, licks my ear - i push him away
and i ask the lord to bless my brother, and mother, dead
father, and ex-lover, her daughter - and every other single soul.

people deserve better than other people. i pray for
forgiveness for my many sins - even those i don't regret
- and i pray for the forgiveness of all other sins ever

and christ sighs. jesus deserved better than other people.
i end my prayer madly, fervently ranting - praising, exalting, and
thanking the lord for the dancing light that is my beloved.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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