i'm starting to play a game called
today i'm gonna
make conscious decisions about
my behaviour instead of
just mindlessly doing the same things
to fuck up my health
relationships jobs life
over and over again

and most days i lose but
once in a while
i'm on my game and get a bit lucky
and maybe even pull together a few
victories in a row
and feel like a human for a bit
even good sometimes

do you want to play
the game

you're gonna need some kind of hourly
reminder on your phone or something
every hour ask yourself:

am i in pain
do i need to piss/shit
am i uncomfortably cold or hot
am i thirsty
am i hungry
am i exhausted (beyond my normal sleep deprived daze)

if the answer to any of those is yes,
address the issue as soon as possible
no matter what you are doing

there are some more advanced rules
if these ones start to help
but let's start with the basics

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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