lots, i guess:

girl deep-throated banana(peeled) for us, jokes and career suggestions ensued

"i'd rather be fat than japanese"

painful number of people in the car

peed behind burger kind, cause it was closed

drunken 12 years old told us we were at the wrong place

organizer's purse was stolen with 700 dollars and her stash in it

everyone loved the wooly coat

drunkenness first time in months and months

lots of hugs

dude showed up late, because he was hanging with soul-decision(HA,HA)

dude made up for it by wearing ricky martin-esque shirt

and singing "she bangs" loudly and dancing frighteningly all night

other dude appeared out of nowhere and was good surprise to start groping ricky martin during dance

at midnight surprise dude humped me rather viciously as opposed to everyone else's kind hugs, girl had told me earlier he once said to her that he would rape her

we get kicked out at two

and many possible fights break out

boy keeps telling me "i don't wanna fight anyone"

then screaming "I'LL MAKE HIM BLEED"

alternating between the two over and over

nathan=shaggy's backup singer, if he could actually sing

he is discovered to be a closet raver

we had many genius ideas that i can't remember now

ricky martin proposes to banana girl at midnight

then gets dj to anounce engagement

then to anounce that he is allowed to have three more wives, since he is muslim, in order to not discourage other ladies

oriental is disgusted by fat girl being groped very often, and tries to get people to look at it happening as much as possible

auld lang syne is sung for a long time, but with "more beer" being the only lyrics

rock star does some kissing one of the twins

ricky martin acts drunk and gets in arguments with me telling him he can't drive in his condition and fakes vomiting very well

twin gets dissed by organizer, because he's "asshole"

no fights occur, but friar possibly breaks hand on table for some reason

passes out in car on the way to house

at house sister's friends are over

sister's boyfriend is threatened often

a very large heineken is donated to me, which i should not have drank

listened to the greatest song of ever after three tries

watched the inside the head part of the cell

smoked cigar

started to watch braveheart at six this morning, but passed out

woke up feeling ill

move from couch to bed

slept 'til three, watched end of starship troopers

went home

many funnier things happened, can't remember though

the end.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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