here is how i can't write stories:

meanwhile, anna broke up with jim

while she was driving him home in the middle of rush hour

christ, it was a long drive after that

they said each other's names when he got out of the car

'goodbye anna'

'bye, jim'

six days later jim's best friend since childhood, jayson, stood beside him

at a party holding a vodka-seven in his left hand

'would you be ok with me dating anna now that it's over between you guys?'


and that was the end of the conversation

four days later while jayson and anna

were fucking after going out for drinks

anna's thoughts were on jim for a second

and at that moment jayson thought of jim too

then it was back to each other and the sex

jim was in his apartment that night

and at the moment their thoughts turned to him

he was pouring himself a glass of orange pop and thinking about

getting his haircut tomorrow

or maybe not leaving the house at all

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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