one of probably my first memories was

i was about four or five and i came

downstairs and my mom was watching this

movie or tv show where there was a big

crowd of angry white people yelling

and screaming in the middle of the night

and one black man who looked beaten

and the other people took his clothes off of him

and folded them and were screaming

and you could see a big fire in the


the setting was early nineteen hundreds sometime, or late eighteen hundreds

i'm guessing

and i asked my mom why they took his clothes off and why there was a fire and what they were doing to him

she said he was drinking too much so they were going to burn his clothes

a couple years later i realized how ugly and violent people are

and understood that they were going to kill the man, not burn his clothes

a little while after that i realized how hateful and stupid people are

and understood they were killing him because he was black, not because he drank too much

if i had a child, i don't know that i could tell her about what she'd been born a part of either

i see the look on that actor's face all the time when i close my eyes

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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