first i had to get a train to nagoya to meet

james there, which ended up being kind

of difficult due to the no english

and tokyo station being insanely stupidly busy

but anyway i made it, barely

got on the second train as the doors closed

on the train from the airport to tokyo

some americans were sitting in the seats across from me

fat and loud and middle aged

"there are rice fields here? i thought they would have no room!!"

"did tokyo get bombed at all during the war?"

"that plane is flying so low!.......oh there's another one, we must be by the airport still"

"i can't find my ticket!"

"what is that she's drinking? it looks pretty strange"

she was drinking a sport drink

well, really, she was asleep

with a sport drink in front of her

i started to wish i had sewn a canadian flag onto my bag

i could barely hold my eyes open, but i was afraid of missing my stop

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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