at tokyo station i had to switch trains

i had to ask about nine people how to

find the train i wanted, and none of

them understood me at all, but i got on

just a few seconds before the doors closed

and it was ok. the train was full of

crazy irish soccer fans, but they got

off pretty soon

and from then on it was boring

i was sweaty and hungry and thirsty and still barely awake

but i didn't buy anything to eat or drink, for some reason

the business man across from me was

reading some soft porn and eating some sushi

train employees have the most hideous uniforms ever

finally, i got to nagoya

got off the train

and walked around abit

to where i thought james was

and i couldn't find him

i walked outside

and he wasn't there either

came back in and i had walked right past him

and his friend

we had time to eat before we caught our train

so i had my first japanese food

and first japanese beer

both were pretty good

the waitress was old

and in love with james

she kept telling me to put salt on all my food, which it really didn't need at all

the octopus was good

all food should have suction cups

we mostly talked about what was going on back home

and a bit of what we were going to do in the next little while

i liked his friend a lot right away

when we left, he insisted on paying for me

and so we got our backpacks on and headed for nagano

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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