i don't know anything about gardening but i'm still
going to drop some seeds and even if nothing grows at
least it will give me a chance to wander over this earth
and learn where the shady spots are: where the sun doesn't hurt.

but i hope something good grows - maybe
a blue flower
that i could carry to you, protected by my coat from
the storms that threaten to undo my very being - and
that when i brought it to your door, you would open it wide.

the cold air would come in with me (and some of the rain, too(
dripping from my beard)) and we'd walk into your living room
where the lights are all turned down low
and i'd hand you my gift

that would look so pretty in your hair and fill the room with
a soft spring smell and you would kiss me, and then that
flower would be the most rare and beautiful ever grown.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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