i'm just going to keep babbling boringly about my trip

for a while

the thing about that city is the shrubbery

people's yards are so beautiful

sculpted trees and doorways cut

through hedges

my stomach fucking hurts when we

got into this cafe where all the waitresses

dressed like punk rockers

one is ugly and in her late twenties

and she's so angry that she has to

take all these bullshit classes like

pottery or something to get her fine arts degree

it's kind of funny to me for some reason

maybe 'cause i already took all the bullshit classes to get my degree

and some camomile tea calms my stomach a bit

then there's the ocean

i'd be in great shape if i lived by the ocean

i'd probably go every day

there's some crazy woman sitting under a tree

screaming at a bird

because it keeps singing

and she apparently doesn't like that

she throws stuff at it for a while

then eventually moves to another tree

so bird leaves just after that

we hack for a couple hours

i played hackey sack every single lunch hour during high school

and i never ever improved at all at all

i can't do any tricks

it's pathetic

we finish with that, go smoke a joint

and get a huge mud fight in the water

it's pretty good

then we sit on the beach and my skin burns

dinner is disgusting amounts of sushi and korean barbecue

after we go back to where we're staying

and smoke another joint

then everyone argues about what bar we go to for the next two hours

horrible attempts at freestyling

involving a bottle of dasani water

and my friend's non-existant daughter


my friend goes into some of his patented laughing fits

which i love to see so much

his eyes roll back

his face points to the ceiling

his mouth opens wide

his whole body trembles

he can't breathe

his torso writhes around

and you can make it continue indefinitely

just by asking him what's so funny

or pointing out how hard he's laughing

it'll keep going

later he did the limbo under a broomstick

impressively low

and then the argument about what bar to go to ended with no bar at all

and everyone just slept

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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