i:m in tokyo

in an internet cafe

because it:s cheaper to sleep here

than in a hotel

things are good

but i am sleepy

i drank absynthe tonight

in a jazz bar that really

played bad house music

instead of jazz

also: 47000 other things happened

today and more every single other day

tomorrow i have a blanket and pillow

to sleep on in a home

i really need to get some sleep

i apologize to all the straightedge emo

girls for my hilarity

especially if you:ve been onstage with belle and sebastian

thank you for writing and keep doing it

i miss people who would think for a second i might miss them

and probably some other ones too


bye-onara, as this crazy japanese girl thought was so funny to say

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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