it was my friend's 27th birthday

he just got his car back

and now it has 300 horsepower

but the engine rebuild/install

that was supposed to take 3 months

and cost $4000 ended up taking

2 years and costing $10000

and they trashed the interior

so he's pretty angry and can't

afford the bill so he's going to

have to sell the car

fastest car i've ever been in, though

so for his birthday we went to a

shooting range to shoot

which seemed like a terrible idea

to me, but it's his birthday so i go

and i'm pretty nervous and don't

know if i'm going to shoot

but it ends up being the most

anticlimatic experience ever

i shot a .45 and .357 and i still

think guns are stupid and evil but now

they're also boring, too

we do some drinking and so on

end up at some stupid club and his ex-girlfriend

that he broke up with a few weeks ago

shows up and that's fine but

she brings this new guy which is

a shitty fucking thing to do

and he's really upset

he goes to smoke dope for the first time ever

with this rich guy's 17 year old little sister

who got a boob job for christmas

apparently because one was much larger than the other

now they're both c's

i never noticed the problem before

he come back in after and says

'i don't know if you've ever been in love...'

'yeah, i know what it feels like'

'i want to have claws so i can tear out his insides'

hey ya comes on and so i go dance because

it is required by law when someone

writes a song that good that everyone must dance

when it's done he's dissapeared

and then my friend gets thrown out for 'being too drunk'

he's stumbling a bit, but there're a lot of drunker people there

so it's probably more that he's being too brown

anyway after some delays including being

hit on by a gay black man with bleach blonde hair who was in love with beverly hills 90210

and some insane wrestling match in the snow

we got back to my friend's place

and we start playing go

it soon becomes obvious that he's

fucking his ex that he was so upset with

right before he disappeared

and even though he was too drunk

to even speak coherently

and the next morning he says he blacked out

and we have to tell him what he did

she's screaming and moaning for about two hours

while we finish our game and then try to sleep

even he's slightly impressed by his blackedout sex skills

when told

but unimpressed that there's no used condom in his room or the garbage

'i'll probably get vd'

so we all go for breakfast in the middle of the afternoon and talk about dumb shit

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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