i know that nothing lasts forever

but still nothing ever changes

i'm not trying to be clever

i'm just trying to explain this

feeling like i'm trapped while

everything decays around me

this feeling like it's a beautiful sunny day and i'm on a farm and birds are singing and cows are mooing, and there's ducks in the pond and there's been just enough rain this year, the crop'll turn out nice, but i just got my fucking arm caught in the grain auger right now and jesus christ help me it's being torn off

in my dream this group of boys

are chasing this little red headed boy

and an old man stops them and asks

"what are you gonna do if you catch him, anyway?"

and one of the boys sees a bee on a yellow flower

and says "we'll make him eat that bee"

then they catch him and the same boy

tells him he better stop thinking about ghosts

and the red-headed boy says ok

"you're making up a song in your head about ghosts right now aren't you?"

"yeah," he admits

then a psychic boy in a wheelchair comes along

and confirms the admission

but they never brought the bee

i feel like a bird with broken wings

that some disturbed kid who likes to play with bones and make himself bleed

has found helpless on the ground and picked up and decided

the best idea would be to drown me in thick blue house paint

put me in a garbage bag

and use my corpse in the bag to smash the window of the principal of his school's house

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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