one time i was sitting on this bench

in the middle of the night by myself

eating some pizza from a pizze by the slice

place and this old woman walks up and says

hey that looks like some pretty good pizza

yeah, it's delicious, i say

do you have an extra dollar so i can get a slice? she asks

so i give her a dollar

what is that, green peppers?

yeah, i say, green peppers and ground beef

so she comes back out and sits beside me

thanks, she says, i walk around the city all day

you know in the parks and stuff and i get pretty hungry after that

but i can't walk as much now because i don't have my cane anymore

i went up to this guy's hotel room with him for some drinks

and left it there

probably the only reason he invited me up

it was a nice cane and he wanted it

wanted to steal it from me

it's the last time i ever go anyplace with someone.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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