mostly my prayers aren't demands, questions, pleas, or confessions

they're just me telling stories

to jesus, or god, or whoever might be listening

parables are what i whisper into my pillow

just like i mostly only speak in stories

when i talk to people

i try to make them funny, in case what

i'm trying to say with it

doesn't quite get through

at least it'll get a laugh.

bob dylan says

"lord, i've seen better days, but i'm puttin' up with these"

in one of his songs and i think it's as good a prayer as any

christ's words, and there ain't that many of them,

were at least as important as his acts

death and resurrection included

and i like to think he appreciates

other people silently trying to say some

subtly beautiful holy things

even if they keep failing at it

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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