the earth is thick and silent

underneath as you scream like

bees swarm

when i speak of my self

i think about who i used to be

not who i am now

i can relate better to that past pile

of beliefs and hope

the name's the only thing that

really sticks with us

after all the body's molecules are replaced

many times over and

the mind's notions come and go are taken and dropped

many times over and

the soul twists and ruptures

many times over

this moment we are only because we are no one else

a speaking history of our own atrocities and cruelties

with a few kind moments

in the cracks between them

trying to bring the end about with words

like everyone else for the past ten thousand years

remembering that

we move slow in water

and it doesn't look pretty

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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