tonight we went to the stampede and such

then on the way to a party after

we stopped to buy some drinks at the 7-11

there was a girl using the phone there

looking like she had just been crying

when we left she was walking away really fast

my friend, who is holy, asked me if she looks like she needs help

yeah, i said, ask her




she turns


she starts crying 'NO' and comes to us

her boyfriend had gotten mad at her

and left her in a part of town she didn't know

kept her wallet and her money

it was 2 or so in the morning and she had no way home

we were going to give her money for a cab

she kept asking everyone for a lighter

cigarette shaking in her hand

i went and got her matches

when i came back we were giving her a ride to the train station

to meet her boyfriend's sister

she didn't know anyone in the city but her boyfriend and her roommate

and her roommate wouldn't pick up the phone

she had some things to say on the way there

she had broken many limbs and had a hole grow in her nose

she sang and danced and worked at the keg and never finished high school

generally she seemed to have terrible luck

and we waited with her

it was, um, fine

her boyfriend ended up coming instead of her sister

he said " least there's good guys in this city"

and shook my friends' hands

i didn't shake his hand

one of them told him to take care of her

another one said she's a good girl and to treat her right

i didn't say anything

we could see him yelling at her as they went up the escalator

there was not so much of a party left

after that all was over

drunken conversations about gambling and women and the possibility of using a position in marketing to subvert commercial media ensued


when the plane landed in japan

i got off and went to pick up my luggage

as soon as i got there

one of the drug-sniffing dogs

ran up to me which sort of worried me

but he just started licking my hand

and i petted him

the security guy got mad at him

and called him back

brought a towel out and started playing with him rolling on the ground together

i was impressed

my suitcase never came

me and this japanese woman were left standing there

and she said "yours didn't come too?"

and i said "no, but don't worry, the luggage thing is still turning"

then it stopped turning

i was going to go ask what the fuck was going on

but two women came out

one with my opened suitcase

and other other one carrying a bunch of my shit

they told me it exploded

the zipper was broken

i sort of fixed it and left

the woman wihtout her stuff was still standing staring at the unmoving luggage belt

"good luck"

"thank you, bye"




"umm do you have anything declare?"


"declare anything?"




"what is in that?"


(i start taking stuff out of my bag one thing at a time)



"how about that one?"

"um, i dunno"

(i start to unzip it"

"nono, you can go"

"i can go?"


"thank you, arrigato gozaimatsu"

"thank you"

i should have been smuggling things

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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