beautiful music makes me feel so ugly
this girl is a rodeo queen

eating hamburgers with her

morbidly obese mother at wendy's

she'll probably be that size soon

i wonder if she'll still be pretty

this man is fat and wearing

a golf shirt with his company's

logo on it eating a chicken salad

red hair and red mustache and

just like me all by himself

we rush to eat our disgusting food

because there are not even newspapers

that we can pretend distract us from our loneliness

it's raining still and my wipers,

i still haven't fixed the motor

that makes them move so that the water

moves off of the windshield

i'm not a good driver even when i can see things

later i will lose sixty dollars

at blackjack, but it'll take me

three long hours to get rid of it all

my friend will win a hundred

and be able to fill his car up with gas tomorrow

which makes me feel less guilty about getting him to drive me around

because of my broken wipers

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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