i remember being at a party

when i was eleven

and it was one of the first ones

with boys and girls together

and all the cool kids were invited

and for some reason, me too

i guess i was friends with a few of them

we were playing dare and slow dancing

and talking about stupid stuff

i had a headache and was mostly

not talking to anyone

no one seemed to mind

and all night they were playing

horrible 1991 top 40 music

and it was awful and violently bad

and then this boy said

this is a really good song

and put in a cd and it was

smells like teen spirit

and i decided i really liked music

more than most things

the best people sometimes kill themselves


the worst people always get angry about it

and wonder why

it's pretty obvious, though

miss them and remember them and keep trying, maybe

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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