we will destroy your religion

we will destroy your morals

your free market

your freedom

will be done away with

we will destroy your militancy

we will destroy hatred

we will destroy your anger

we will destroy your ignorance

we will destroy your tribal leader concepts of god

we will destroy your buildings

we will destroy your schools

we will slay your doctors and your cops and your soldiers and your lawyers and your teachers and ceos

anything beautiful will be deemed obscene

and censored

we will piss on your carpet

we will burn down the schools

we will destroy your ideologies

what you think you are

we will destroy your faith in your government in society and in all isms

we will murder your urge to consume

and all the places you go to consume

and all the shit that you consume

we will reward ruthless ambition with nothing, if you're lucky

there will be no sentences

but vengeance will be done

we will destroy your desire

we will make sex worthless and meaningless and dull

we will destroy all ambition

we will leave you stranded in the desert

85 miles from the nearest town

with no water and no clothes

we will tear apart the land under your feet

and take back the oxygen you breathe

your privacy is next


and you better not say a damn thing about it

save your tongue for food, when we cut that off too

race, sex, age, sexuality will not be considered:

you are all nothing

the asylums will all be emptied

insanity will become a word obsolete

everyone is right and understands everything as well as you

you will pray for death

we will not answer your prayers

god will stop listening too

he knows it's too late

you're fucked

if christ comes again

and he will

don't worry

we will not let him learn to speak

we'll find him as a baby

and keep him away from everyone

we will destroy your weapons

the media will have to be shut down

all of your leaders and want to be leaders

will be killed

learn to follow

let us seduce you

find power in compliance

nothing we leave will be holy or sacred or worth dying for anyway

it will all be gone

we will destroy all of your luxury items

and all that you have falls into that category

families will be torn apart

lovers separated

we might have to amputate some of your limbs

we'll see

your music will definitely have to stop

and your laughter and your dancing

and any expression of joy

we don't think that will be much of a problem though

voting will be a form of suicide

suicide will be rewarded with cannibalism

we will eat your lungs from your chest while they still struggle to breathe

we will destroy your vehicles

we will make things dark

we will destroy power plants

you will wonder why the snow doesn't fall

and why the flowers don't grow

we won't

we know

we will destroy your innocence

will destroy your health and safety

trials will be a thing of the past

prison walls will all be caved

we will take your dignity

and anything you though set you apart

from the animals

we will destroy the traditions that

we believe make us civilized

we will lead your daughters to sin

your sons, too

we will destroy your liberty

we will destroy your so-called brotherhood

we will make monogamy laughable

capitalism a joke

christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism and so on, will die

we will destroy your isolation from nature

we will destroy the routine

we will destroy the monotony

we will destroy your career

we will destroy your sedentary lifestyle

you will learn what it's like to be hungry

to be exhausted

to be sick and without help

we will destroy your pride

we will destroy your sense of well-being

we will instill you with fear

survival will be something to worry about again

instead of what's on the television

communication is a privelege, not a right

remember that

remember that you haven't earned the privelege, yet

we will destroy all that you say you are fighting for

while you worry about destroying each other

while you worry about destroying each (harmless) other

we wish you both

good luck

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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