even if you're in prison

you are free

kneeling inside the church

you are free

even if you're in love, madly

you are still free

even after you've been married years and years

you are still free

when you dip the tips of your fingers into boiling water

you are still free

in the womb

you were free

when you feel you're at one with nature:

still free

when you are lost and wounded in the desert

you remain free

as a small child, you were free

your mother will cry the day she understands this

when you fall on the ground in the forest and pine needles stick into your hands

you are still free

while you're giving birth

you are still free

when you see a dog get hurt and feel as though you understand the dog's pain and it hurts your heart to see

you are still free

if you get shot,

or when you're in a fistfight

or when you speak to someone or when you touch someone

you will still be free

but usually when you are cold and alone

is the only time

you are aware of your freedom

crushing you

making you tiny and small

the rest of the time you can

let yourself feel a part of something

or that there are things connected to you

but as long as there's a you

that you can differentiate

from what's not you

it will remain seperate

and lost

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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