yesterday i went to do some

protesting about the g8

and it was ok

i talked to drunks and bums

more than i talked to other protesters, though

after there was a big to do

with lots of music and speeches

protest songs and union songs always make me almost cry with joy for some reason

and michael moore phoned us

and babbled a bit

he is the most canadian american i've witnessed

a blind mp from south africa gave an amazing speech

and later a woman from south africa gave a better one

they were alive and angry and fighting and proud and full of hope

bruce cockburn played imf/dirtymf but no if i had a rocket launcher

i asked this guy after what time the last train was at

and he started talking to me

and said he only came to things like this for the women

earlier in the day i saw this man and this woman facing each other on the sidewalk

the woman was crying

i walked by

the man said

"and how many hits of crack?"

she sobbed


they caught up to me at crosswalk

he was telling her she had to

start respecting him and treating him right

she kept crying and nodding her head

later, on my way home

after i got off the train

i was going to my car, past this hotel

i saw another pimp and whore

walking toward me

i heard him tell her to ask me for some money

she came up to me

and asked me for the time

i have no watch

i guessed about midnight

then she asked if i had some change

i had 31 cents left

i looked at her as i handed it to her

she was wearing a tight short shirt

her gut was fat and hanging out of it

i looked at her face

it was pretty obvious that she had

just had the shit beaten out of her

i said sorry

she said it was ok, that any change was good, whatever i had

that's not what i was sorry about

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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