i was walking downtown this afternoon and

there was this guy trying to sleep in

this bus shelter

and the cops were there harassing him

trying to get him to leave and get up and off the ground

they were yelling at him and poking him

he was way too drunk to move or even realize what was going on

i came back the same way about ten minutes later

and the cops were still there

getting angrier at him

pushing him with their boots

as he occasionally moaned or shifted

he opened his eyes for a second

they were solid red

police officers are pieces of shit

down two blocks there was a man and his friend who was passed out sitting on a bench

the one who wasn't passed out asked me

for 83 cents so he could buy his friend a coffee

to sober him up for the wedding they had to get to

i didn't ask if it was either of them getting married

i just gave him a dollar

"take care"

"you too"

and left

an old man was walking out of an animal

hospital with his dog

he smiled as his dog jumped into the car

i liked that

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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