i know this guy with money to burn

so he bought the biggest combustion engine he could find

moved up into the mountains

i've heard he hates me

from those heights

sometimes orange starts to look pink

when i'm looking for something to eat

to taste to touch my tongue to

a lot more than i'm looking to fuck


ha and the thing is a few days ago i was

drinking beer out in the sun

laughing cause the gay beer ticket guy

gave me way more tickets than he was supposed to

and the grass starts to look better as the beers go down

then wilco starts playing so we go watch them and get high

while he sings about being beautiful and stoned

then it's back for beers and we're not too excited by r.e.m. coming up they're past their prime but then michael starts singing

and it hits you in your gut

and you get the fuck up out of the beer gardens and go dance

there's a bird circling, a moon in the sky, and a sunset

and some good friends surrounding me

yeah then today i was in the basement alone tasting the ink from a smelly marker

that was purchased in 1991, and still retains its smell

to see if it tastes like artificial fruit too

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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