a story found

on the ground:

MEMO TO: Morman Pentickter

Location: Moose City

Outside Visit

Time 666 M.

Who: Morsamdi Organda

SUBJECT: The story of Pencil lead and a soft coating of Chinese Food.

One day I saw a (?cigarette burn has made it illegible?) named SorSorBorgie. I told him that the sun was brown and it doesn't matter anymore because my nephew knows enough not to waste his aquafina water. Oh, I envy the dirt so quiet and humble and I am loud and know it all humbleness is a day away. So Jacob finally found me after days and helped me to change out of my shit covered overalls and puke covered condom. Then my wife went back to bed in the bathtub because she was covered in tar and feathers. The Jebodia ran nude through the streets of New York and got jumped by 14 people wearing ball artist uniform and A&W root beer mugs. And when my dad gets jealous he makes me take off my right shoe and convulse on the ground for 19 hours. No less. And the tattoo's will never come off.


Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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