i will rename all the stars

for you, and make people listen

and after the storm is when flowers bloom

most beautifully and blooming is

most beautiful right now and

there is a light with you that is you that is all i walk towards and i hope every path leads me to it

and every time the snow falls and i'm walking outside i spell yr. name in a fresh patch with my feet

and you're the only one i want to make soup for me and i'd only ever make soup for you

and in my dreams we dance even if you never dance we dance in the air and float and are two purest souls

and your lips your eyes your nose your hair your smell your taste your body are the only things i want to see feel touch smell taste

and we will be happy and together and in each other's arms overwhelmed with love some time

and i love you

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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