there is this squeaking i hear in my room lately

the first time i heard it i thought it was a mouse

and i wondered what it was eating in my room

and where it was pooping

when i was little we had a mouse in our kitchen

i remember picking up this loaf of french bread

and it had a tunnel through the middle of it

and i tipped the bread to look in it

and the tunnel was filled with mouse poop

that dumped out all over the floor

this mouse was damn funny

my dad was putting out a trap

and i was completely shocked and really upset that he wanted to kill the mouse


one day i was at my friend's across the street

around the same time

and this friend, he barked like a dog really loud all the time and twitched a lot and yelled strange things at random

he was a good friend

and usually very interesting, at least

a few years later my mom told me he had tourette's

is why he did that

but anyway

he started telling me there were tonnes of mice living in his house and that we had to catch them all

so we went into his basement

and he layed clothespins all over the floor

and told me they were mouse-traps

i didn't argue

he was crazy

then we went and hid under his ping pong table

and this kid who normally couldn't go two minutes with barking or screaming

was completely silent and motionless

and got really mad if i tried to talk to him at all

we layed under the table in the basement in the dark for hours

waiting to see mice get caught

without moving or making noise

until his mom came and said i had to go home

no mice showed up

ok, so the sound in my room is definitely something mechanical now

but i can't find what it is

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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