back in the eighties, the dead kennedys sang about being
too drunk to fuck, and once in some local rag someone more
clever than me wrote that kids in the nineties probably
weren't too drunk - they were just too scared - and that sounds about right.

now, though, the people i know are either too depressed, or
maybe just uninterested - but only most of them
, and certainly not us: we are sober, fearless. filled with
joy and wonder; we are always hungry and restless.

because we know that time makes us like snowflakes that love the
sun that makes us shimmer, but is going to melt us, too, soon.
we laugh at that sun. and watch each other shine. and we

are lovers. so, when your brother and all your roomates tell
us we need to keep it down at night we can only try
- but there are some songs so beautiful we can't help but dance.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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