yesterday i went to see bowling for columbine

and it was a pretty amazing film

go see it, everyone

it made me remember a small thing

when i was taking a greyhound to kentucky

at the major stops the bus driver would always announce the rules

in canada they would always say no consumption of alcoholic beverages were allowed

until we got to winnepeg then they said no alcohol or drugs

then as soon as we were in the states they said no weapons were allowed along with the booze and dope

and from chicago and on they always said no guns, or other weapons

and it just seemed strange that people would bring guns on a bus because they just didn't think of it or because they felt there was some need to have one

and it seemed strange that it was enough of a problem or they were so paranoid that they had to announce it and that they thought announcing it would really make any sort of difference

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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