i have seen precious stones prettier than my love's eyes; and
they certainly never shimmer like two deep blue pools;
they're brown - but oh! they're filled with sparkly sparks sparking all the time
and what this world needs now is dynamite exploding.

walls need to crumble and homes need to burn down and feet need
to bleed and sand needs to be kicked into the faces of
everyone laying on the beach just enjoying the sun
and the trains (passenger and freight) need to be knocked off the tracks.

there are so many rosy-cheeked, perfumed women who put
on push-up bras and lipstick and mine is one of them,
but she doesn't need to be, 'cause what i desire is what's

rare: her heart with tidal waves of passion crashing hard, and her
soul that's a wild wolf howling at the moon, and her mind that knows
we're gorgeous only when we're screaming, laughing, or dead quiet.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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