yesterday i tore a living tree out of the ground with my bare hands

and then threw it into a dumpster

it's roots were deep, it took a long time - a lot of loosening in different directions

and i was dripping with sweat by the time i got it out

the muscles in my shoulders ached today

it was a fine small tree, but we didn't plant it

a seed just landed there

and managed to grow pretty good

i said to leave it

my mom said it would hide her rose bushes

and it had to go

i didn't bother arguing

there was an ant crawling on the kitchen floor tonight

i noticed while i was stretching my neck

and i decided i would take it outside

it took a long time to pick up

my hands were not a place the ant wanted to walk

and as soon as i stood up it fell off my finger

the linoleum is checkered white and black tiles

and i lost him for a bit on a black one

then i picked him up again and let him crawl from hand to hand as i walked toward the window

i started to open the window screen with my right hand and the ant crawled to the end of my left thumb and jumped off

i found it and picked it up again but it bit me and i jerked my hand and flung it

when i walked over to around where it landed i couldn't find it

so i looked at the bottoms of my bare feet and it was stuck to my left one, crushed

all the windows in the house were open because it had been such a hot day

but now it wasn't day anymore - the light was gone

and it was so cold

i have never before knelt down to pray

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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