on the bus in grade 8 this kid got in trouble

and had to go sit up in the front seat all by himself

i liked him, and not really anyone else, so i went to sit up with him

he was crying

i told him it wasn't a big deal, it's just a bus ride

he said that wasn't the problem

the problem was that tomorrow was report card day

and he was going to fail two classes

his step dad would beat him

my advice straight out of degrassi juniour high was to tell the cops

he told me his step dad was a cop

he would make him lay on his bed in his underwear

while he beat the shit out of him for hours with his nightstick

he said it happened a lot

and then i didn't know what to tell him but i'm sorry

i still don't know anyone i could have told who would have done something about it

other cops, i'm sure would have done nothing but tell his stepdad that he ratted him out

my dad might have gone over in a drunken rage and got shot or arrested by an off-duty cop

he was that kind of guy

but it wouldn't have helped things much

i'm sometimes embarassed to even exist

i wish i was something better

that could do something about even something small like that

today on the train this guy was talking about

his country (eastern europe somewhere judging by the accent)

where all the men had to take military training

and 30 percent of the men from the training had to serve for 18 months

he said usually 10 percent of them volunteered

and the other 20 were picked by the government

he didn't know if it was random or based on performance or what

he said that his friend had to serve

the administrator gave him a sheet of paper

and told him to sign it to say he agreed to join for the 18 months

the friend told him to fuck off

tore the form up and said fuck you

the administrator pulled out another form

and said

don't worry, it's just as good if i sign it

signed it

and told him to leave

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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