it doesn't make sense to save money for a rainy day when it keeps snowing all the time

ok 3 things


there's totally only two people who write there anymore

you should start

it makes me happy

it's public

write like automatic style whatever comes into your head

no backspacing or editing allowed

let me know if you're writing there for the first time, and i'll add you to the prestigious (and purple) older.html page

2. (because having two internet diaries just wasn't pathetic enough)

so the idea here is: e-mail me if you want a password (

and let me know a few bands you like

if you have good taste in music (ie. the exact same as mine) you are in

whenever you hear some song that you think that other people with passwords should listen to

update with the title and name and any lyrics that are particularily special to you

then a bunch of us can all listen to the same tunes and maybe discover some new ones or have different appreciation of them

or something stupid like that

it will be very much based on me being a jerk

and you'll get kicked out if you make me listen to shitty music

3. i'm not usually one to link to the internet meme type sites butdokaka is the greatest musician of all time

listen to angel of death and 2 minutes to midnight and ramblin' man and electric funeral for sure

also listen to him practicing english it's beautiful

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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