some of the time i'll be talking to someone

and they'll say something

that gives me a desire to start choking them

and i've never thought of it myself but,

i've got a friend who gets the same urge when he's fucking someone

he, though, actually asks if it would be all right, maybe

if i started choking you a little bit, it's totally up to you, and like, i know it's a little strange, but it really turns me on, and i won't choke you unconscious or anything

and sometimes a person will say, yes, ok

it's a harder thing to ask during a conversation

with no sexual pleasure that will be resultant to justify it

just disgust and boredom that you want gone

which no one wants to be told that they're the cause of

and are very likely not going to feel bad enough about causing it to say oh yes please go ahead

and punch me in my stupid smiling face, too, if that helps any

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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