my mumbling is my nervousness making noise and i know
that you will listen while the winds lift my words up to the sky
even while i hesitate at each syllable and try
to make them sound like water looks: both blue and transparent.

because words that are true, are never beautiful and words
that are beautiful are never true, i will try in vain
to give you both at once even though i lack the knowledge and
i lack the eloquence to give you either - my tongue rusts.

so watch the way i press this slice of lemon against the
side of my glass - this is beautiful. and feel the way
the rain makes the flower petals cold - there is much truth there

about this world where we are like children eating apples
and swallowing pennies. watch the way my eyes get wet when
they watch you - beautiful. feel my hand in yours - warm and true.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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