turned white from tired

my body is poverty

the cells are aching

for death as i think

about how i won't

be saved by another

human being

the other day i was

in the police station to report

an accident and in the middle of helping

me the cop said 'hold on a minute

i'll be right back'

then went down and sat at his desk

and ate a sandwich

taking his time while i stared at him

as i thought about how

you can't put down what you love

best cop i've ever dealt with

it's a white dress or a black dress

as long as it's slit up the leg

like this slit i've got inside

the mouth try you to touch it

or where it would come through my face

come over and we'll slowly understand

how things ebb and flow arrhythmically

like love and

time, itself

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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