thanks for letting me use the phone,

she says, i haven't talked to my daughter in a month

she spent the whole time yelling at her daughter that she had two jobs now

and had a twelve hour shift every single day until christmas

now she's telling me how she has two jobs now

and has a twelve hour shift every single day until christmas

it's hard to find time to talk on the phone, especially when her home one was disconnected

we talk a bit

and she says she doesn't know if she'll be able to make it through all that work

i don't know either, she doesn't look healthy

i tell her she'll find a way

her daughter sings in a choir

12 years old and she can sing in latin

that's pretty impressive

if i had a talent

i would want it to be singing

last time she did a solo in front of 300 people

she's singing at the church friday and saturday

you'll have to make it to at least one of them, even with the jobs, i say

oh, i'll find a way to get to both of them, she says,

but i don't know if i'll make it to christmas

they pulled all my bottom teeth out last week

the only thing i eat anymore is mashed potatoes i'm starting to feel really weak

she opens her mouth wide to show me her gums with just a few teeth on the top row and none on the bottom

but i've seen them already

cause we've both been making each other smile and laugh the whole time

with dumb jokes squeezed between what we're really saying

that'll make it rough, i tell her, but i think you can do it

i'll try

she says

and thanks me again for the phone

and leaves

my coworkers come out from hiding

ask me sarcastically if that was fun

i don't answer

and i don't listen while

they make jokes and insult her

because i know i'm not better than her

but i know i'm no better than them, either

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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