i heard this story once on the radio

i don't know who it's by, or what it's from

but it's my second favourite story of all time, i think

i'm going to type it up completely wrong

if you recognize it, pleaseplease let me know what it is:

once upon a time there was a little boy named timmy

timmy was a good little boy, but all he could say was 'uh-huh yeah'

when he was on his way to the grocery people on the street would say 'hi timmy!'

and timmy would respond with 'uhhuhYEAH'

his friends would say 'how's it going timmy?'

and timmy would say 'uh huhyeah'

'nice weather we've been having'


and no matter what they said to him, all timmy would ever have to say was 'uhhuh yeahUHhuhYEAH'

pretty soon no one bothered talking to timmy anymore

and he didn't have any friends

people almost never even said hi to him in the street anymore

so timmy got very lonely

he would just walk around all day talking to himself:

'uhHUHyeah uh huh YEAH uh-huhyeah UHHUH-yeah'

people thought he was strange and stayed away from him

one day, a fairy godmother appeared before timmy

and the fairy godmother said 'hello, timmy'

and timmy said 'uhhuh yeah'

and the fairy godmother said 'i'm your fairy godmother, timmy'

and timmy said 'uh huh-yeah'

and the fairy godmother said 'would you like me to turn you into a very smart little boy?'

and timmy said 'uhhuhYEAH'

'what's that?' said the fairy godmother, 'i can't hear you'


and the fairy godmother said, 'ok, timmy, i will make you a very smart little boy'

and waved her magic wand and turned timmy into a very smart little boy

timmy was so excited that he ran off to find all of his old friends to let them know how the fairy godmother had made him smart now

when he found them they saw how excited he looked so one of them said 'hi, timmy'

and timmy opened his mouth and said

'uh-huh yeah'

for, you see, timmy was always a very smart little boy

it was just that for some reason, though he was smart, he could only ever say 'uhhuh yeah'

trapped in a body he couldn't control,

timmy jumped off a bridge

the end.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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