so he pulls me over

and asks me if i normally

run stop signs

and why i ran those two

and tells me i was speeding

i say: no, i dunno, i know

he lectures a bit and

tells me he's going to give me a break

i know it's because there's a labour

dispute and they're not giving out

tickets right now

i say thanks and start to drive away

he honks at me and tells me to

tell my friends not to run stop signs

out here either

ok, i tell him

i don't consider police officers

human beings, particularily

i'd rather pay the fines and

let my insurance go up than listen to him talk

it's disgusting, the way he acts

he leaves first

i don't have a speedometor, so

i don't know how fast i'm driving

and i worry most of the way back

that i'll start speeding and catch up

to him

and have to listen to some more of his advice

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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