when we got to his dad's house

we took our stuff inside

and almost immediately i had my

first japanese beer


like heineken, but better

what i lived off of mostly

we sat on the floor in the tv room

with the soccer game on

this was also the first time i started

to fall asleep during a soccer game

i feel asleep during every single one

that was on after that

kind of embarassing in cafés an' such

his dad talked about his wife

who was in another country for some reason

well her family was from there

but it seemed like a long trip

and he talked about moving there

and when he used to live in canada

after about the fifth time i fell asleep sitting up

they told me to go to bed

well, to the futon

he lived out in the country

pretty nice place

surrounded by treeey hills and mountains

reminded me of kentucky

but more beautiful, even

it was still dark though

so i didn't really know this yet

the toilet handle on the toilet in that house had a picture of a stickman

with his arms straight out and his legs apart in one direction

and a picture of two lines with another line going down the button in the other

and there were two ways to flush it

i figured the line down the middle in the second picture was a stream of pee between a pair of legs

it was actually the kanji character for small

and the other one was big

so i pushed it the right way

by accident

saved some water

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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