my brother got this electric typewriter

my mother put it out in the hall

on the right side in front of my door

every time i walk in and out of my room

i smash my foot into it really hard

it's loud and it hurts a lot

usually six or eight times a day i do this

(always an even number, of course)

this has been happening for about two weeks

you'd think i'd remember it was there at least once and avoid it

or just pick it up and move it somewhere else

well, if you didn't know me very well you'd think that

today i was in the bathroom wiping and i noticed

a little tiny smear of shit on my hand

i manage to get shit on my hands when i'm wiping at least a couple times a year

not that i keep track, but it always bothers me for a long time when it happens

obviously, because it's really disgusting

but also because i've been living in this body for 22 years

and i'm still unable to wipe my ass properly every single time

it makes it hard to believe i can manage to do anything else right

don't worry, i washed my hands for a long long time, after

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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