we're sitting on the porch smoking

really expensive cuban cigars

it smells like sewer outside

but the smoke covers that up

these cigars are the best

not just because they're delicious

but because they're so big

and packed so tightly

that at the start you suck in so hard

and can barely get any smoke

it teases you with little tastes

but you have to keep puffing

because they go out fast

and by the time you get to where

you can actually start really enjoying it

it's about an hour later

you're sick of smoking

and it starts to burn your lips

and the top of your mouth

pretty badly, actually

i usually start feeling ill at this point, too

but then every inhalation is so good

that stopping seems shameful

yeah, i know, you don't give a shit

here's a song by the unnamed sort of band i'm in with pavan singing

i do not know how to mix tracks at all at all

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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