i watch the strawberry sunset

from your place in the projects

i'm talking to this teenage kid

he says, 'you know, all the jocks;

the football players, the basketball

players and the track guys;

at my highschool

they think they're the ones who

are going to get all the hot girls

'cause that's what they see on t.v.

and in the movies,

the sport stars get the finest girls,

so you see them flirting with them

but the hottest girls just laugh at them

they don't want to date those guys

they want to date me

and the other

dealers. the jocks don't know how to talk to them

it's funny.

we do know how, and we've got a lot more money, too'

and he is kind, and he is smart

in a strange way

'well that just makes sense,' i say

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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