once i was five riding this bike i had

down a really steep hill as fast as i could

and i yanked on the handlebars

to try to do a wheelie and i pulled

the handlebars right out of the frame

and instead of trying to slow down

i kept turning the handlebars in the air

which were attached to nothing

until i eventually wiped out

and then my hand were all filled with tiny rocks

underneath the skin

and i pulled most of them out

but there was this one rock that

entered just above my wrist and got

pushed past the major fold in my hand

that's closest to the fingers

instead of breaking the skin and

pulling it out there

i pushed it back all the way through

the little tunnel it had made

and out the hole it entered by my wrist

it took a long time because every bit

it moved made me flinch and stop

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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