last night i was leaving school at around 1040

and this girl i've never seen before smacked my ass as she walked by

and said "keep it up, buddy"

i don't know what the fuck that meant

she was probably making fun of me somehow, though

later we went back to the campus bar

and it was horrible

people kept trying to talk to me and asking me why i wasn't dancing

i didn't want to talk, and i didn't want to dance

i wanted to drink, but last call ended right after we got there

on the way home though, my friend and i stopped at 7-11

we bought slurpees and a box of dreampuff chocolate covered marshmallow cookie things

and played the dreampuff game we invented with a bunch of drunk kids sitting out on the curb

the game was to see how many dreampuffs you could stuff in your mouth without swallowing

we needed another box

i did seven and started gagging

my friend and this other dude were tied champions at 8

it was a pretty fun game

there was a guy visiting from mexico

he said he wanted to play the jalapeno game

(HA,HA) we all said, politely

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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